Success Story


On Monday, December 31st we got a call from a social worker. They call us on occasion when they have a person who needs help. It could be for equipment rental, maybe a CPAP machine, feeding tube supplements or our consultative service of Long Term Care planning. It was already mid-morning and since it was New Year’s Eve, we were only scheduled to be here for a few hours more.

Laurel, the social worker explained the situation. They had a patient who had lost his leg several years ago, is wheelchair bound and on Medicaid. Recently he was out and about and had a medical emergency so he made his way to a local eatery where they administered aid. In an effort to care for him, his wheel chair was moved outside to make more room.

When all was over and he was able to be transported to the hospital, his wheelchair was nowhere to be found. It appeared that his wheelchair, his lifeline and his only mode of transportation had been stolen. My heart sank. Who would do such a thing?

Laurel asked if there was any way we might be able to point him in the direction of a wheelchair…not to rent, but to own. We typically rent equipment since most people’s needs are temporary, but in certain instances or for truly long term needs, we will sell items at very reasonable prices. We are here to help those in need. I told Laurel we would gladly help!

I went back to check out our inventory and selected a model based on his height and weight and we waited for his sister to arrive. 10 minutes before we were scheduled to close, a woman came through the door. She had a sense of urgency as she asked if we could help her brother. We all knew who she was and why she was there. I rolled out a nice used wheelchair and she was so happy. She said that this was the only way her brother could function otherwise he would be home-bound. We quickly completed the paperwork and she hurried out the door because her brother was getting released from the hospital and she needed to be there for him, with his new set of wheels!

We closed up and reflected on the last client of the year…this is why we do what we do…this is why we HELP!

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