Jess to HELP: Y’all Rock!
Success Story

Jess to HELP: Y’all Rock!

Kidney disease compels “Jess” to use four or more catheters a day. Spending hundreds of dollars a month on the devices and desperate to reduce the cost, she had resorted to sanitizing used catheters by boiling them.

Then Jess discovered HELP, which in addition to medical equipment rentals and long-term care planning, also offers a wide range of health supplies at a fraction of the retail cost. These include feeding tube bags and pumps, IV poles, blood pressure monitors, nutritional supplements and more. All supplies are donated by caring individuals who no longer need them.

By purchasing catheters at HELP, Jess has reduced her monthly expense from an average of $400 to $15.

“HELP has been a blessing both financially and physically,” she said. “It has allowed me to get clean, sterile catheters at an affordable price. This has lessened the amount of kidney infections and has kept me out of the hospital.

“It is literally a huge help and the difference between life and death. Thank you. Y’all rock!”


This is the first in a series of quarterly articles on “Get To Know Your Customers Day,” featuring the people served by HELP.

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