Occupational, Physical Therapists Attend Open House

Occupational, Physical Therapists Attend Open House

A first-ever open house for occupational and physical therapists drew more than 20 attendees to HELP’s headquarters on Sept. 24, where they met the nonprofit’s caring staff and learned more about its medical equipment and services.

“I refer 2-3 patients a week to HELP, but I’d never been to the facility,” said Amy Popple, an occupational therapist at Nebraska Medicine. “I knew HELP had equipment, but I was surprised to see how much variety and quantity they had. It really is a great resource for the community.”

The therapists and HELP share a common goal: helping improve quality of life and independence for seniors, adults and youths. The more that therapists understand what HELP offers, the more patients they can inform.

From a trauma care perspective, Popple said HELP’s low-cost equipment rental service is perfect for those patients who expect a quicker recovery and need medical items immediately to begin the healing process. For longer-term care, HELP offers rental renewals and final sales.

“It’s also a good resource for patients who need equipment but don’t have a payer source,” Popple added. “Some patients don’t have insurance so they can’t afford to buy durable medical equipment out of pocket, but they can rent it from HELP at a discount.”
Open house attendees were given a free Royal Medial Solutions hip/knee kit, which was very well received, said Tom Neal, HELP’s executive director.

Anyone living in Eastern Nebraska or Western Iowa is eligible for HELP’s services: rental or purchase of medical equipment and supplies and free long-term care planning.

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