Community Reviews

Community Reviews

A recent post about HELP Medical Equipment on Nextdoor – a networking app that connects neighborhoods, businesses and public services – resulted in 1,125 likes and 172 comments, all of them positive! Here are a few:


  • “When my parents passed, my husband and I donated all their supplies to HELP. They are an AWESOME nonprofit and will take everything from adult diapers to lift chairs. We donate our items there rather than other places because we know what good work they do.”
  • “I needed a Parkinson’s walker and Amazon wanted $800 for one and I rented one there for $90 for a year. They are a great bunch of folks to work with as well! Highly recommend!”
  • “I donated my husband’s medical supplies after he passed away. Best place to get help. They have a large supply of incontinent undergarments and pads you can purchase at discount. Next to All About Bees in Ralston.”
  • “We donated my Dad’s unused/unopened oxygen & CPAP accessories after my Dad passed to HELP. It helps us to know that it is going to people who truly need it.”
  • “Have used and recommended them many times. Good place to donate to also.”
  • “HELP services are awesome!! Have used them for various family members over the years. Absolutely GREAT people doing a much needed service. Hope you recover soon!”
  • “They are wonderful and I got some Depends for my clients there.”
  • “I bought a scooter from them for $250 and 4 years later (lightly used) I donated it back to them. Great place!”
  • “We leased an oxygen condenser from them. A+ grade from us.”
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