Wheelchair Ramp Improves a Child’s Life
Success Story

Wheelchair Ramp Improves a Child’s Life

When a social worker named Carrie reached out to HELP while looking for assistance for a young boy, we knew immediately this case would not only touch our hearts, but stay with us for life. Eleven-year-old “Caden” had been diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. With no cure in his future and about two years remaining in his precious life, Caden’s family just wanted to add some happiness to his final days.

Caden spent his time either sitting in his wheelchair at a window, watching siblings play outside, or sitting on the floor alone playing with toy cars. Since only one family member was able to lift him in and out of his chair, he often remained in one position or the other, waiting for his older brother to return home and move him.

The family’s request was simple. They needed a wheelchair ramp for their home that would give Caden greater mobility when his brother was not available to reposition him. Such a ramp would allow him to be with friends and siblings outside and, as much as possible, join their childhood games. Because a generous individual donated a wheelchair ramp to HELP, it gave this young boy an opportunity to be a child instead of just an observer. It provided him with an opportunity to experience the joys of family and enabled his family to see their little boy happy.

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